A Different Kind of Expert Relationship

Academic-driven emphasis on:

1. Sound theory

2. State-of-the-art empirical methods

3. Academic best practices 

With EconMech Inc. and Professor Haruvy, we approach the relationship between client and expert very differently from other experts.

Upon your request, we typically take the following steps (all free of charge to you and your client):

1. An initial email (or brief phone call) with the general search parameters will be followed by expert CV and skillset sent to the attorneys/client. 

2. If an initial fit is determined by the attorneys/client, a free initial consultation (of up to two hours) will follow soon after to discuss the broad set of needs, the fit between our expertise and the needs of the case, the general plan of action with regard to the expert report, and the legal theories in place. 

3. At that point, an NDA or protective order will be signed by the expert. This does not commit the firm to retaining the expert. This NDA will permit the expert to receive documents related to the case, which the expert will then review. 

4. A follow up phone/web conference will follow to discuss a plan of action based on the additional materials.

5. The expert will issue an initial opinion and detailed outline. 

6. The client will review the proposal and will determine whether to retain the expert. 

ONLY then will we draft/sign a retainer agreement. The entire process up to this point is free of charge. The reason for that is that we want to establish a relationship based on complete confidence in the expert.