Econ Mech, Inc.

Marketing and economics experts specializing in consumer data, survey methods, damage models, quantitative marketing models and empirical methods. Empirical methods include, but are not limited to regression analysis, econometric methods, statistical methods, and conjoint analysis.

Theoretical modeling addresses, from the persective of the firm or policy maker, competitive forces, objectives and constraints and maps alternative courses of actions and possible outcomes.

About Us

Economic Mechanism, operating under Econ Mech, Inc., with offices in Montreal and Dallas, is a marketing and economics advisory firm. Founded in 2013, Economic Mechanism specializes in providing state-of-the-art quantitative marketing expertise. Our team of experts includes established authorities on marketing research methods, with top credentials in marketing, communications, economics, econometrics, statistics, and business disciplines, leading to demonstrated results that adhere to the highest standards. Our main expertise areas are in marketing and economics. Legal cases worked on include cases pertaining to class action, including certification, marketing representations, false advertising, breach of warranty, trademarks, patent infringement, social media marketing, online platforms, word of mouth, sponsored search auctions, branding, consumer surveys, and conjoint analysis.

Our Services

Litigation Expert

We are pleased to offer expertise on a variety of academic topics in connection with litgation. Our expertise adheres to the highest academic standards and best practices.

Consumer Analytics

We possess substantial expertise in consumer analytics and are pleased to assist companies with issues pertaining to consumer data.

Executive Team

Ms. Aleksandra Lipko


Aleksandra Lipko is a an experienced executive with Master's degrees in psyhcology and marketing.  

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